Tuesday, March 8, 2011

House or Home?

The lighting in our home today is just delightful and because today is  child free, home alone Tuesday (meaning I can take pictures without small people demanding to be in them), I thought I would take a few snaps to share with you.

I have posted a view of my bedroom previously, since then I have added this gorgeous old mirror.


 I had been on the hunt for one like it for sometime, when a friend mentioned this to another friend, who had one in her house and she was keen to be rid of it. Aren't friends fabulous like that?

The quilt is one the first things I made when I started getting all creative like.

The little reading nook has been replaced with this suitcase stack.  Inside are various bits and pieces that get shoved away and forgotten about.

The red case came from my favourite brisbane antique centre.   The Blue one the Little Miss and I found on the road side.  The pear cushion is from one of my favourite brissy crafty girls.

My cleaner* commented last week that she looks forward to seeing what is new in my house each week.  I am always changing things around, but I did not realise it looked different every week.  Over the weekend the kids decided to swap rooms, so I suppose she will get a bit of a shock tomorrow...

My dining table is my new pride and joy.  Remember this photo of the little table my dad gave me for Christmas?  You can see it in the background.

Since then dad has also given me this table.  He rescued it from an old Girl Guide Hut and it has been sitting around my parents place for awhile. Every time I visited I admired it.  So the Handy Father (it is only fair he have a little name as the Crafty Mother has one...) sanded the white top to reveal the Maiden Hoop Pine, which I have oiled and polished, slowly building up the layers.  I am keen to do something with the chairs now, as they have aged to a very orange hue and no longer are to my taste.  I am thinking duck egg blue?

This side board was one of the first "old" furniture I bought.

side board display

When we first moved into our home there was a lovely second hand furniture store just down the road.  I did not have as much appreciation for old things back then, if I had I would have bought much, much more.  Anyways, I bought this during their closing down sale.

It houses a lot of crafty/sewing/crochet notions and bits and bobs.  It is the first thing you see when you enter our house.

 The old traveling case belonged to my father in-law.  The Mr has carted it around from many pre-marriage share houses, and has our surname stamped on it, which is pretty cool, i think.

So many things that make a house a home, things that have a story, that mean something.  It has been wonderful to share them today, thanks for indulging me in the uncharacteristically long post...

Trace xx

 * yes I have a cleaner, don't judge me, well you can if you want, but maybe I can do a post about having a cleaner and work/life balance some other time... ;)


  1. beautiful photo's- your home looks very restful, if I had a holiday home I would love to decorate it in this style :)

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous. And let me tell you, my cleaner changed careers and so we don't have one at the moment and I think I'm going crazy. Keep yours happy I say, they are WONDERFUL people!

  3. No judgement here, I'd LOVE a cleaner!! Your house is an absolute treasure trove..

  4. I really adore the suitcases...we have a HUGE storage problem in our house so maybe I should follow suit & start collecting/stacking an assortment that I can then fill with all our stuff!!! Thankyou for the peek into your home & no I don't judge you for having a cleaner, we all need to balance our lives & this is a sensible choice!

  5. Hey Tracey, you have changed a few things since i visited a year ago! It all looks good :)
    I must say cleaners rock!! we have one too and i don't know how i survived before now (well actually, we had a shoebox sized house but now our house is too big and there are too many children under 4!)

  6. just gorgoues - all of it!! I can't believe that quilt was your very first crafty project!! what a natural you are. i love old furniture - more than new. there is something very mystical and amazing about something crafted long long ago. I also think duck egg blue dining chairs would be amazing!

  7. Thanks for the peek, your bedroom is so tidy and appealing for a lie down. Actually your entire house is very artfully arranged. I am inspired by the absence of small child related detritus that seems to dominate mine. When can I come and have the grand tour and sneak a look in your stash cupboard over a pot of tea?

  8. i agree with brenda - duck egg blue chairs would look fantastic! No judgement here re. cleaner - I have had one at various times - sanity is just far more important!

  9. Bungalow girl, you do know I cleaned up for the wee photo shoot., don't you? I assure you there will be enough kiddy flim flam around when you visit to prove that I do indeed have smalls living in my residence;)

  10. Your bedroom is just darling. And loving your suitcase stack with a pear on top.

    And if you can have a cleaner - more power to ya!! I'm totally jealous!

  11. beautiful pics, I have some very similar pieces of old furniture and a little girl wanting to be in every photo today!

  12. What a gorgeous home and you know what the minute, and I mean the minute I get ANY sort of work part time or otherwise we are getting a CLEANER. SO not judging. It is a wise woman who delegates the delegatable in order to do the truly important - like creating a wonderful, gorgeous and homely sanctuary for her family to live and enjoy.

  13. Trace, definitely a Home!! It looks just beautiful. So glad you are getting your Tuesdays again! I need you to help me with mine!

  14. Pfft, you don't have to justify having a cleaner. I think every home should have one!

  15. Thanks for the mention Tracey! You are a gorgeous crafty gal yourself! I love all of your second hand treasures and I think duck egg blue chairs would be amazing!!! Hope to catch up at a market soon. x


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