Thursday, March 10, 2011

Creative Space:Channeling My Inner Heidi

So after hacking into my vintage sheets last week, I am left with the dilemma of what to do with the middle part of the sheet.  You know the thinner central part which I know has been worn down by constant use (unless you are fortunate enough to find them unused).

I did have them in a messy pile waiting to be chopped into cleaning clothes.  One night while lying in bed, trying to sleep but thinking of crafty things, as you do, I had a spot of brilliance.

Next morning, I was into my pile, ripping them into 2 inch wide strips, and making this pile of Heidi-like plaits (there was a Heidi in my class at school, and she did indeed wear her hair in two long thick plaits).

I am, of course, not planning an extravagant wig, but one of these beauties.

As always on Thursdays, you can be endlessly inspired at Kirsty's...

Trace xx

p.s. the vintage squares are sewn together, hoping to actually have a finished product to show you next week


  1. Nice! I love the colours - that purple and orange together is yummy! Actually my space is purple and orange today too! Look forward to seeing the finished rug!

  2. Oh fantastic! I've long admired these rugs. Can't wait to see how it goes. I was wondering what you were up to with those plaited strips when I saw the photo!


  3. Thats a brilliant idea! Ive always wondered what to do with those thin bits of sheets. Cant wait to see yours!

  4. Great idea, lovely colours too. Look forward to seeing your rug!

  5. i so remember those from my girly hood. except way back then they were made from nasty variegated nylon yarn. i cant wait to see yours, it will be very pretty methinks

  6. I am making a rag rug at the moment and am winging it as I go along really- this is a MUCH quicker way of going about the sewing together, its going to look fantastic.

  7. I am awaiting this one with breath a'bated. I love a braided rug. It's on my 'One Day' list. Sooner Than Later One Day list...

  8. That's going to look gorgeous. It's now on my 'one day' list too!


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