Sunday, March 6, 2011

Flea Market Finds:Shoes

I love shoes, I love it when I find great shoes at the Op Shop.  You know what it is like when you enter an Op Shop, the lighting is bad, the smell is (often) bad, the shelves are disorganised.  The Mr thinks I have a special Op shopping sense.  He walks in and wrinkles his nose, cautiously fingers the rows of clothing and walks off to get the coffee...  I on the other hand feel that little adrenaline rush, the possibility of unearthing gems.

When I found these shoes it was such a moment.  I spotted them half fallen over on the shoe rack, I was there in a flash.

Good condition? Check
My size? Check
Vintage? Check

These heels, I could not believe my good fortune.  They looked designer, with leather soles and quality stitching, though I did not recognise the name.  For $7 I thought I would take them home.  Intrigued by the name, I did my google search "Marni" which lead me straight to Net-A-Porter, where I discovered my new to me shoes could be purchased new for around 400 euro...

Now if this post is not enough to have you looking beyond the grunge, then pop over to Sophie's for more op shop treasure.

Trace xx


  1. Oh honey they are GORGEOUS!!!! Snap on the green opped shoes lmao - but less snap on the perfect size... ;)

  2. love LOVE THE greens. mary janes make my heart skip. xx

  3. fab, fab, fab......lucky you, what a glorious find!!! TK xx


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