Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weekend Breakfast

 by bountifully
a photo by bountifully on Flickr.

Last weekend we had guests over for breakfast. I think breakfast is a great meal for entertaining. The kids are bright and happy, you can eat outside, the menu can be simple.

Our favourite breakfast is French Toast. I am not sure how french-y french toast really is. The kids call it egg-y bread. We take a loaf of sourdough bread and dip slices into a mixture of egg and milk (cream if feeing decadent). The bread is then fried in a little butter until golden. I work on one egg per person, with just enough milk to loosen the mixture up a little.

You can go to town with the toppings. The Mr loves banana, bacon and maple syrup. I prefer homemade lemon curd, raspberries and greek yogurt. I give the kids a little ramekin of maple syrup and they dip their "soldiers" in.

We have a little routine, the kids play, I make the french toast and the Mr makes the cappuccino. It is a blissful start to the weekend.

Hoping you are enjoying your weekend,

Trace xx


  1. Yum! I love French toast. And French toast with cappuccino sounds even better! A cafe in town makes it with slices of strawberry and a berry coulis. Ok, making myself hungry now!


  2. That photo is so delicious I'm salivating about tomorrows breakfast already.We are big french toast fans over here- especially with the abundance of eggs from the girls.

  3. Yum, that sounds good! I think I need to make it one day. Scared I'll end up with rubbery bread though... any tips?

    There's a cafe in Glebe we used to go to which did french toast with rhubarb & strawberry compote and creme fraiche (and a sprinkle of icing sugar). It was amazing.

  4. ooh, the rhubarb sounds great. I never find it goes rubbery - I have the pan hot, but not so hot as to burn the butter, and cook it fairly quickly, so maybe that keeps it light?


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