Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thrift Shop Finds (September)

There has been a lot of thrifting loveliness found lately.
It is school holiday's for us, sadly coming to an end today.
We have been traveling about, to some less urban localities.
Oh the delights of a country thrift shop!

You may be wondering how I managed to shop with the smalls in tow?
It is now that I confess that I have beget children who love to unearth treasures in op shops,
the promise of looking usually brings about squeals of delight from the little Miss.  The Boy usually comes around to the idea once he is there.  And now even the Mr is more than a little enthralled by the opportunity...

These barn doors where actually unearthed by the Crafty Mother, and are waiting for the Mr and his mate to transform them into a trestle table top (gushed on about here and photographed here)

Warning, that the next photo may ellicit weak at the knees, vintage fabric envy...
This pile of fabric was found in one glorious visit to the Crafty Mother's local county op shop.  Some of the fabric had the original receipt still folded up inside, bought in April 1975 for the pricely sum of $1.75 per metre...

 Vintage Fabric

The stash cupboard is well and truly overflowing with vintage loveliness, I do wish I could photograph it for you, but the lighting is all wrong in the hall way.  
Anyways, I am now on a self imposed fabric buying fast, in order to use up some of the stash.  I did promise myself once I started gathering vintage fabrics, that I would only ever house as much as I could store in that designated cupboard...

And today, a big happy birthday to The Boy who turned 4 day.  Happy Birthday my dinosaur loving, pirate-y boy!

More great finds over here

Trace xx


  1. Gorgeous finds! I look forward to seeing the finished trestle!

  2. Ooh look at those sheets! Great door, too, I recently found one just like it in our back shed, it's being used as a shelf & I'd never noticed!

  3. Yay for 4th birthdays! Happy birthday!

    The trestle table idea is so great. Can't wait to see it finished. And yes, I have vintage fabric envy! I need to get opping further a field I think.


  4. gorgeous barn door. i would LOVE to have that as a table.

    happy birthday little man, hope you have the best day ♥

  5. I envy the boy's dinoasaur...that is awesome!!!

  6. Happy Birthday to the BOY!!!
    Love your fabric/sheet goodness. I had a win myself this week with some too!!!

  7. Woo hoo - a haul and a half! Birthday wishes to Pirate boy and congrats to you for begetting offspring to follow in your thrifting traditionb!

  8. What a find with that fabric and that door should come up a treat.

    Happy birthday to the little man. Yippee!!

  9. Love it all - especially the dino gnashers on your 4 year old! hehe made me smile

  10. I'm so weak in the knees, I'm glad I'm sitting down! Such an amazing haul!

  11. wow, that fabric is just amazing, well done!!

  12. your fabric stash is divine ... i especially love the purple sheets and the bottom green one. happy crafting.
    My Flea Market Find

  13. Happy birthday to your beautiful Big Boy!!
    And loving that stash of fabric!!! Whatcha gunna do with it???
    ;) Irene

  14. Wow! I've now got trestle table envy. Also, LOVE that vintage fabric stash!

  15. Yep - I'm weak at the knees. Lucky you!

  16. The Mr would be impressed. He loves a nice bit of timber. And that is an obscenely excellent bundle of fabric. Get making Mrs!


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