Monday, October 4, 2010

Tips and Tricks: T Shirt Thread

pot holderjersey thread pot holder

Now I am not too sure if T Shirt thread is what this is called, but it is the thread one makes from old clothing.  I have a little how to for this which I will post tomorrow, however there is another way to cut up your T shirt material, which you can find here (which is probably the "proper" way!)

What a fabulous way to use up old t shirts, especially ones that are stained and you cannot in good conscience donate them to Vinnies...

This kind of "thread" has all sorts of applications. I have used it here to crochet single chain with a huge crochet hook (I think I used a size 10) to make a pot holder-y thing-y, which I have also weaved some linen scraps into for contrast.

What I would really like to make, is one of those large braided rugs, except that I think I would crochet in the round, if that makes sense.  I found this great tutorial over here, which I am thinking of giving a go, you know, just to add to all the other projects I have started lately...

Oh and here is a tutorial I found that looks good  for you no crochet types - you make a loom out of a cardboard box and convert old bedsheets into a throw or rug.  I love this!

Trace xx


  1. oh Tracey you are just too clever for words...I too think the throw blanket is GORGEOUS!!!

  2. I love it! What a great idea, thanks for sharing..


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