Tuesday, September 28, 2010


completed ripple blanket

Her she is, completed, just in time for warm weather...

Oh well, will be ready for the next winter, or on those nights when the air conditioner gets a bit freeze-y

There seems to be a lot of babies happening around my parts, so I am busy whipping up baby items and trying to tackle the handmade Christmas pile.  

And I have been over here printing off recipes and baking with the boy for his pirate party this weekend.
Oh, my little pirate-y boy is turning 4!

Some great pirate-y inspiration over here, and of course, a birthday post next week..

Trace xx


  1. Well I say she is 'ripple-tastic'!!!! Well done, ahead of schedule all ready for winter one year in advance - awesome lady that you are!!!!
    ps - I have just been given a bag full of delicious lemons & so this afternoon is dedicated to baking your yummy lemon yoghurt cakes!!! Thanks in advance!!

  2. The blanket looks fantastic! Good on you!

    Ooooh, 4th birthday! Hope it is fantastic for all involved. :)

  3. Wooow congrats! it's beautiful! So yummy colors!

  4. Thats a beautiful looking blanket there Tracey! Congratulations on finishing it - what a feat!


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