Thursday, September 23, 2010


I have a Hex crush, oh yes I do,
Inspired by Gina, fueled by Flickr, learned from Katia (via Notebook)...


These little hexagons are surprisingly addictive, kind of portable, and fun to play with.

This is gonna be a slow burn kind of project, slowing making, collecting, arranging,
scrap using, until I have a few thousand (!) to make up into a quilt.


  1. Your little stacks look lovely, I'll look forward to seeing it when you finish..

  2. I love hexagons. Mine have been packed up for now. I'd stitched together enough for a cot blanket when I decided I wasn't happy with the joining colour! I still have lots of hexagons sitting there, all stitched up and think I will use white to join now. A slow burner project is right!!


  3. I too find hexagons a great portable project and for times when you only have a few minutes to sew. Would love to see what pattern you are sewing them together in!
    Teresa x

  4. I love hexies too! I agree that is more a long term project!

  5. Your hexagons look great! I am looking forward seeing the finished project!

  6. I like the white joins the most too. I havent done one yet though. Not even one single hexi. They scare me a bit. Good for you! Were you serious when you said a thousand?


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