Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brown Paper Packages

Brown Paper Packages are indeed one of my favourite things!

The pressie is for my besties little girl,  the fabric on the card is cut from an opted pillow case, I am in love with this look right now!

This little dress was inside the package

Trace xx


  1. that fabric reminds me of my childhood.... as does that song!

    lucky girl - great dress!

  2. So gorgeous. Loving everything here ... especially the card.

  3. the card & brown paper wrapping is gorgeous...I love to do brown wrapping paper at Christmas time with my choice of "festive string" for decorations.....

  4. Memories! I used to have curtains with the cute little girl from the pillowcase! Was she called Sarah-Jayne?

  5. What a wonderful present, so sweetly wrapped and the dress is lovely!


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