Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Food

Child free Tuesday has been Hijacked!
today I am forced to stay at home, by my phone, as I am needed to give phone evidence in court today 
Do not worry, I am peachy clean with respect to the law, I am but a witness.

None the less, the prospect terrifies me, so much so, that I have not been able to sew or even crochet...
What I needed was some cooking, something with a few processes to distract my anxious mind.

At the market I picked up these beautiful kipfler potatoes.

I love these little knobbly fellows in salads, their waxy forms hold together so well.  You cannot go past a good potato dish for comfort food, can you now?  

This is my warm kipfler,egg, rocket and butter bean salad.

First we peel them then gently steam them with a few springs of mint, which I am told will impart a lovely subtle flavour to my tattas .  While they are steaming, pop a few eggs on to hard boil and prepare you beans.
When the potatoes are almost done, add your beans and lightly steam them.

Refresh the beans in some cold water, then pop them in your salad dish and grate over some good Parmesan cheese.  

To your hot spuds, ad a few teaspoons of good wine vinegar and allow this to absorb.
Quarter your boiled eggs, toss in your rocket and gentle mix all this up with your hands.

Now While everything was cooking I got onto making the mayonnaise.  If you are blessed, as I am, to own that most indispensable of kitchen gadgets - the mini food processor, then homemade mayo will be your ever present friend.  Honestly, it could not be easier.
First pop in a whole egg, and a table spoon of vinegar and a pinch of salt.  Next add about a 1/3 cup of mild flavoured oil - I use grape seed.  Whiz it all up until thick, then keep adding splodges of oil until you are happy with the consistency.  Done.

Add a good spoon full to your salad and gently toss to combine again.

There you have it, comfort on a plate, with left overs for tomorrows lunch to boot.
I think this would also go fabulously with a good steak or grilled chicken breast.  Perfect BBQ food.

Trace xx


  1. That looks delicious. Hope the phone evidence giving went well and wasn't too stressful.

  2. You certainly are coming up with some winners! My Mum always made her own mayonnaise when we were growing up - yum.

    Hope the evidence giving went by uneventfully.

  3. thanks for the well wishes, evidence has now been given (it took about 7 min), strange how 7 min can put a whole day out... Time for a spot of sewing now I believe...

  4. I never think of making my own mayo - this recipe sounds so easy, I may give it a go! Thanks for the tip.
    Love the granny cushions in the previous post - they look so cozy and comfortable.

  5. yum that salad looks delicious - esp love the sprinkled parme on beans....


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