Monday, September 13, 2010


Time to start posting a few pictures of the new cushions for our house!
First off is this little crochet number, all sewn up and finished, 
you may remember that this one was hooked while sailing the pacific...

Crocheted in 100% wool, from the stash
pattern from Attic24

Tomorrow is child free Tuesday and I am toying between the idea of a slow craft day
or speed-ster crafting/sewing/painting/getting things finished.

More cushions later in the week, as I am stuffing and a stuffing, and needing to buy more stuffing...

Trace xx


  1. The cushion cover turned out beautiful. Lovely colours. Enjoy your child free day.:)

  2. beautiful. I'm not normally a huge fan of granny squares. But I adore that cushion. Any idea what the yarns were?

  3. I really do wish I could crochet like this. Your cushion looks fabulous. The colours you chose look great together. Hope you have had a lovely start to your week. x

  4. Beautiful colours. Adorable... and so nice to have a cushion that reminds you of cruising the pacific.


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