Saturday, September 11, 2010

Farmers Market

The Kids and I headed out to the New Farm Markets this morning.
(Note, I do not recommend going to a Farmers Market alone with small children...)

However, we managed to come home with plenty of bounty...

Lunch today, fresh poached eggs, asparagus picked this morning, wild rocket, locally produced parmesan cheese, on our local bakers sourdough.

Hope your weekend is full of yummy food and relaxation!

Trace xx


  1. we spent the morning there too! will be posting some pics on my blog later of some gorgeous cakes we purchased! Oh and yes small kids and new farms markets = handful!!

  2. Been there, done that - farmer's markets with two smalls in toe... not a relaxing shopping experience in the least - but well worth the stress for all the yummy fresh food.
    ENJOY that yummy breakie!

  3. There is a Farmers Market in the city square with a playground and that was the only way to take the little ones, bribe them with play time!

  4. there is cake bribery and perhaps jumping castle bribery in our repertoire at said markets...
    So so peaceful without them, but it does make it fairly 'get stuff and go'


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