Thursday, July 15, 2010

Creative Space

Continuing the green, blue and orange theme...

Here is the product of my creativity while abroad.

While my fellow cruise passangers were drinking cocktails, baking in the sun and reading trashy novels,
yours truly, true to from, was crocheting  while lounging on a wicker deck chair,
sipping just passable coffee, all while the brillant blue pacific passed by.

Hope to pop a back on this bright beauty next week, following my new resolve to completely finish and item before wandering on to another...

The granny square pattern is, of course, from Attic24.

Today the Boy and I are off sourcing Chinese lanterns and an orange wig among other things,
for the Little Miss' Birthday Party this weekend.
Looking forward to seeing what you are all up to over at Kootoyoo

Trace xx 


  1. Your granny sqaures are beautiful, love the colour theme!

  2. I love these colours and your holiday sounds perfect to me!

  3. Beautiful crochet! You are doing the opposite to me and finishing before you start another!

  4. I would never have thought of that colour combination - but I like what I see.

    Now I want to know more about this cruise!

  5. green, blue and orange look great together

  6. these are gorgeous, love the pattern and colours
    the holiday sounds divine too ~ what a lovely space to crochet!

  7. Love those colours togethe.
    Looks gorgeous!

  8. Beautiful. I love your colour selection.

  9. love those colours and looks lovely all sewn toghether!

  10. that's what I'm looking forward to ... a relaxing and productive holiday. the best kind.
    My Creative Space

  11. Those colours just pop! Beautiful! Glad to here you had a relaxing trip :)

  12. I adore green, blue and orange together. One of my favourite combinations. So very fresh. Your granny squares are looking amazing. Ace.

  13. your colour choices work so well. who knew? that would be me sitting on a deck chair hooking my way across the pacific (in a nice crafty way)


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