Monday, July 19, 2010

{Would You Like a Little More Tea?}

"Alice: Well, I haven't had any yet, so I can't very well take more.
March Hare: Ah, you mean you can't very well take less.
Mad Hatter: Yes. You can always take more than nothing. "
You will, perhaps, remember we have had this conversation before...

All the months of collecting tea cups and associated tea party paraphernalia,
came to be yesterday when the Little Miss turned 7 in Mad Hatter Style.

So here are some images from our most frabjous day,
we did have fun, my beautiful  little Miss and I,
We were very much "in sinc" with how we wanted the party to look.
Will be posting a little "How To" in the coming days,
with my idea's on how to hold your own Mad Tea Party

 Before chaos in the form of 18 seven year olds descended...

Topsy-Turvy cake, 
yes, it in meant to look all wonky...

(the cakes were actually some of the neatest I had ever baked before I took a knife to them!)

My first ever (and perhaps last) attempt at using fondant icing.

Some tips while I remember them:
cut your finger nails really short,
use colour paste or powder not liquid dye to colour the fondant,
make sure your work area is completely crumb free before rolling the fondant,
chill those cakes and pop on a decent crumb layer before you start...

It was amazing that folks left their children with us, given how rather deviant the Mr was looking...

And the boy was the most cheeky Cheshire Cat!
The Crafty Mother dressed herself and the mother in law in tweedle style,
she also made 24 paper top hats to be decorated,
not to mention The Boy's Cheshire costume!
Many thanks and hats off to you, mother!

Happy 7th Birthday, my little love, 
may we celebrate many more together, 
and what jolly good fun it is 
to design with you, my budding artist.
Trace xx


  1. absolutely fabulous.....tell Little Miss I am in envy (in a good way!!)of her amazing party - that cake is the best!!!

  2. What a gorgeous party! The cake looks fantastic & I love those chairs at the party table.

  3. wow!! amazing, looove it all!
    looks like such a fun day.
    topsy turvy cake..NICe!
    awesome mum you are!

  4. What a great idea. Have a tea party! The children must have loved using "real" cups and saucers.

  5. The cake looks fabulous - love all the other little details too, and your costumes. How much does your daughter look like you?!

    Must say I'm quite fond of all those little kiddy chairs too. They're so cute.

  6. This is fantastic! What a hoot!
    I also am a lover of your style.

  7. I was thinking about how the Mr looked and then read 'given how rather deviant the Mr was looking' and burst out laughing because it was exactly what I was thinking :) I'll tell him so tonight too :)

    Looks like you had a great time.

  8. wow! Looks like it was a fun party! The cake looks great and those chairs at the table are fantastic! Well done!

  9. What a wonderful party. Looks so vibrant. Lots and lots of work there... amazing. What a party to be remembered and treasures. ACE!!!

  10. What a great theme for a party!!! You looked smashing in your costume. What fun. x

  11. what a wonderful huge effort you made! I love that you all dressed up & brilliant cake!! How wonderfully special that you and your daughter could do it together! I have such fond memories of dong parties with my Mum. I think that is why I love parties now!

  12. What a great memory created for your daughter! Lovely :-)

  13. How fantastic Trace!! Looks heaps of fun!!

  14. 18 seven year olds? I thought 5 thirteen year olds was exhausting! Looks fabulous and that cake is pretty amazing. I hope all had a great day!


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