Wednesday, July 21, 2010

{blog blush}

tearing myself away from Master Chef tonight 
(what will I watch while I crochet when it is over?),

The lovelies - Gina and Renee have both nominated me for a little Sunshine

blushing crimson, thank you ladies, I am in such fab company.

Okay now, 7 things you (probably) do not know about me.
Oh, and some pictures of me, to help cure my phobia of being photographed...

Number one: I am a doctor.  Oh yes and I have been known to crochet at clinical meetings, during which one professor recently said, (as I ferreted my yarn away before he began his talk): "Please don't put your work away, it is so calming watching you crochet, you remind me of my Grandmother"

err, thanks...

Number two:  I am married to a Presbyterian minister (well, he is almost a minister, just a few more essays to go!).  Yes, the Mr and I are Jesus Freaks, you gotta be freaky about something, I suppose, so it may as well be something that matters.

Number three:  I have an "immobile" phone.  I never have it with me, it drives the Mr mad, but you know, it is nice to not be contactable, don't you think?  This probably goes back to my days of being on call all the time and having to carry a pager...

Number four:  I cannot knit, I keep trying, I do, but I just can't work out how to hold those pointy things correctly...

Number five: I went to a small high school in regional Queensland with just 400 students.  I moved to the big smoke to go to uni and alas have found myself here ever since.  I am longing to wander my way back out some day...

Number six: I am hopeless at budgeting.  I don't think I am a spend-a-holic, but find it very difficult to save!

Number seven:  I love France, I love French people, I want to go live in France (ok, maybe that is not so surprising, but I was running out of things to say...)

There you have it, now I am supposed to pass on the love.

You are all busy gals, and I am thinking you get these awards all the time,
but it is a first for me, 
so if you want to accept and post a few little secrets, go ahead, no pressure or anything!

Trace xx


  1. oh wow, Tracey! so many great secrets you are sharing!! you are amazing, love that you are a doctor..a very cool doctor that crochets, makes amazing food & is a great thrift shop dresser.
    LOVE it.
    glad you tried the banana bread recipe & used ricotta, thanks for your feedback.
    if I get enough courage I shall also post some secrets.
    hugs ♥

  2. hehe that's so cool, "you remind me of my Grandma" so funny :)

    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Thanks for letting us know a little about yourself.

  4. Great to get to know you a little better. Thanks for sharing! We have quite a lot in common. Probably why this is one of my favorite blogs. Although I can't crochet, I knit!

  5. Yay Tracey, thanks for telling us all some more. I think the bravest thing you did was admit you're a doctor... scum of the earth!! Tee hee!

    I find budgeting and not spending really challenging too. The fact is, I hate keeping track of things or thinking about money too much. So I'm trying to avoid spending so freely, not by budgeting, but by changing the way I do things. I think it's working for me better than trying to be deliberately 'frugal', if you get me.

  6. Your photos are gorgeous Tracey... Thanks for letting us share a bit more about you! Thanks for passing on the award too, Renee gave me one as well and Im battling to come with one "interesting" thing about myself to share...will see how we go! Thanks and have a great weekend!


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