Monday, July 12, 2010

The Thrifted Wardrobe

Hello dear readers!
I am back from my pacific jaunts and wee blog break.

Back also to blogging with some new perspective.
As I know many of you will testify, the blogosphere can be a time consuming place
For me I think it all got a little out of hand - you know, un-fed children running wild in various states of undress,
well, something had to give in the bountifully household,
so it was good to take a break and get things in perspective.

Anyways, what better way to come back than to showcase another thrifted outfit?

Just to show that we do casual (more often than not) here at bountifully,  I have put together denium outfit.
I love jeans, but need to be careful to not always live in them,
thus started my love of denium skirts.

And here I am showing you one of my favourite colour combinations -
Blue, Green and Orange.

What is not to love - and don't you just love those orange tights!  Too much for me it wear with a dress, but great with boots and skirt as just a little orange knee sets this outfit alight!

This weekend we have our long anticipated Tea Party for the little miss
will be back next week (after I have slept...)
 with the photos, but for now, a little taste of the inspiration behind our party...

Trace xx


  1. Great outfit, I love the scarf & boots!

  2. I love the green scarf - not sure about the orange tights they probably wouldn't match my personality!
    That cake is divine!

  3. oh any outfit with some added touches of brightness will do it for me!!! All is to love!

  4. Welcome back Tracee - you have been missed! Glad you had a good R&R with time for some pondering on perspectives - I agree - it can be faaaar to addictive.
    Loving that scarf - amazing what a few accessories can do to an outfit. Did you seriously thrift those boots? what a find! I am also beginning a love affair with denim skirts.

    Very much looking forward to seeing the tea party next week. I think it is a fantastic theme!

  5. Missed you Trace! Too much blogging also + too much ABC TV in this house (or too many late nights...).

    You are absolutely the queen of style. I wish I had a decently fitting and flattering skirt at present - alas, I do not. Also, the boots...?!

  6. Definately orange tights...Love it. Cant wait to see what you do at the party...Ive got one coming up too! Welcome Home!


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