Saturday, August 28, 2010

Barn Door Table

Hello, dear readers, 
Have you forgotten me?  It would appear I have neglected my little cyber creative space 
these past few weeks.

So I thought it time I wrote and shared some of my musings.

I am ever so excited right now about putting an outdoor setting together.

We have people over often, and it is a tight squeeze around our little kitchen table.
We do, however, have a large deck on our house, which houses an assortment of toys, shoes and the ubiquitous BBQ.  Which got me thinking that the deck would be a great place to entertain year round in sunny Brisbane, considering we mostly have people over for lunch.

So, after seeing these two fabulous ideas for tables below, I got myself on the phone
to the Crafty Mother, and asked if she would mind popping in to her local country Old Wares shop
to see if they had a barn door or two available,
oh and a few trestle legs would not go astray!

The Crafty one did indeed come up with the goods,
and soon to be in my possession are a pair of fabulous barn doors - $70 for the two of them!

Now I am searching for some trestle legs (perhaps the Mr may be given some of his own crafty time, with saw and timber, and rope, and we may have our trestle legs in no time...)

Ah, and there is the search for some metal-ish chairs - I am thinking the old ones you used to find in church halls would be fab.  
Which has me thinking that perhaps some may be stored under our own church hall...

Trace xx


  1. How exciting!! What a great Mother you have coming up with the goods on demand like that! Looking forward to seeing them when you have them.

  2. How cool that you found the barn doors you were looking for. all the best for finding the other things on your list


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