Thursday, June 17, 2010

{creative space}

my creative space for this week is a spot of pattern drafting.

Now before you all go weak in the knees with fear,
let me try and sell this to you...

The sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from having drafted your own pattern,
why, I have found it has given me a buzz all week.

For me the drive was to make the perfect white long sleeved t shirt.
Do you find you can never really get one in a store?
That the search makes you spend way longer at the shoppo than you would ever have liked?

I am proud to say this t shirt fits me to a T.
Made just for me,
white cotton spandex, curving and nipping in, in all the right places.

You can see she is still a work in progress,
and I will probably make up another, tweaking the pattern a little.
But my am I happy, happy with what I have produced!

I admit, that I spent most of child free Tuesday taking my own measurements (mmm, never fun), bruising my poor knees on the floor as I plotted, measured, perpendicular-ed, made right angles and the like.

But it was fun, honest, and so fab to learn a new skill!

Before you all think I am some kind of drafting goddess, I must remind you that I am learning from this book, remember back here.
If you want to have a go yourself (come on now, you know you want to!)
  then I highly recommend this book.
Step by -step instructions on how to draft a pattern for many different clothing items - dresses, trousers (this will be my next one), skirts and shirts.

Creative Space hosted weekly over at Kootoyoo, see you all there!

Trace xx


  1. Bloody good on you I say. Keep on keeping on.

  2. Yay! How fantastic to be able to make yourself the perfect long sleeved top. I have the fabric waiting but I am too scared of sewing with knit. Must hunt down a copy of that book I think.

  3. Oh wow pattern making! That's impressive, good on you! I'm so impatient when it comes to sewing, I just dive in and wing it..I should take a leaf out of your book I think...

  4. I am yet to try pattern making. I tend to hack everything up then attempt to sew it all together. Hehe

    Xo Steph

  5. i'd love to have a go at this ...sometime ... Good on you! It looks great.

  6. I checked out your 'Shoppo' post and did a double tkae when I saw your new running shoes - they are the exact same ones as mine! (Except mine are blue)

    I would so love to try pattern drafting - might have to look up that book you've got!

  7. I am done with shopping for clothes too - dunno if I'm getting too old to enjoy what's on offer, or they're just not offering much to enjoy LOL. I hope your t gives you many a happy moment :)

  8. You're so clever! I wouldn't even dream of giving this a go just yet. Good work.

  9. Wow - haven't even dreamed of making my own clothes patterns (softies are hard enough!). Very impressed, and looking forward to further fabulous creations!

  10. I have that book but I haven't opened it again since I started drafting an A-line skirt & the pattern was turfed out by some carless such & such... I'm glad yours is getting a work out!

  11. Very impressive! And how cool to have a perfectly fitting top!

  12. That is particularly impressive. You make me want to try it! I usually have to adjust what I make anyway, and ah, the perfect tshirt - that'd be a dream!

  13. Nice work! You should be proud, I am. x


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