Monday, June 14, 2010

{the thrifted wardrobe}

This weeks thrifted wardrobe features my latest refashion.

I purchased this grey pinafore some time ago and it was sitting in the "do something with this" pile.
With winter upon me, I sorted her out.

The waist was originally gathered, which was very unflattering on me,
so this was unpicked, darts added to the back and pleats in front instead.

Next, something had to be done about the length and, well, greyness.

I added the trim of vintage floral fabric and lace trim.
It is balanced by the "I heart Vintage and Venice" brooch from here.

And of course the accessories.  
The chocolate brown boots were purchased new a few years back
everything else has been thrifted.

As for the colour palette.  So many colours go with grey.
Pale pink, bright yellow and red are my favourites.

I am also all for teaming grey with dark brown shoes/belt/bags as I think it looks much more interesting than black....

Happy thrifting friends.  

Why not have a rummage through your wardrobe and see what gems you can unearth?

Trace xx


  1. Oh it looks great! well done my thrifted item is a sheet, made into pyjama pants! lol

  2. Very, very clever. Perfect for the weather we are having. Looks really toasty and oh so stylish.

  3. Clever clogs. I wish I knew enough about stuff to confidently unpick and redo. Well, maybe I should just give it a bash.

  4. That refashion ticks all the right boxes (what's with waist gathers?). Clever chook.

  5. Looks brilliant! Clever you.

  6. like the trim on that!
    that inspires me to do the same on some plain skirts. will let you know if I attempt it.


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