Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Morning at the Shoppo

I hate going to the shops.

Let me qualify what I mean by shops.  
I looove going to charity/thrift stores, markets, independant retailers and little suburban shopping precints.  I feel good when I support local business and buy handmade.
What I detest is going to those big concrete places owned by a group that starts with "W".  You know the places, filled with flashing lights, irritating music, crying children and junk food.  These places exhaust me, over-stimulate and even depress me a little.  They depress me because they seem to so strongly represent consumerism, our lust for new stuff and our wastefullness.  I try and avoid going there, because I too fall prey to consumerism, the want of more, the want of things I do not need.

However, the need came today for new running shoes.  I had worn the old ones to almost no tread, and the nice girl in Athlete's Foot did a touble take when asked - "Do you think I need a new pair?" Ahh, yes...I am informed and so the process began.  

I don't feel too guilty buying running shoes.  I run a lot, running is free, keeps me sane, gets me out in the fresh air.  A $200 pair of running shoes once a year is a small price to pay.
So here they are, all lime green, light weight, and ready for a trial run tonight.

And to top it off, I got a free gift voucher because I had spent so much, so I went and bought this book I have been eying off for ages.  

I love how this girl writes, and how she thinks about eating and weight loss.  I think this book and I will become good friends. 

Jane has a great blog, go check it out.  There are lots of good recipies in her posts.
Ok, gotta go have some tea and write a shopping list - I have still got to do the food shopping today yet!

Do you like shopping? What do you think about going to the Shoppo?
Would love to know your thoughts!

Trace xx
p.s coming up later this week on Bountifully :)
The muesli recipe and my Man's dinner party!


  1. Not a fan of W either. I try to keep my distance! :) Enjoy running in your new shoes!

  2. ha, just got back from the shops. Tiring? Yes!

    I must admit, I'm a fan of being able to get everything in one place because it's such a pain dragging Maisy in and out of the car lots of times.

    It's hard to get good fruit and veg where we live though so I've been going to the Hobart farmer's market on Sundays which is pretty fun.

  3. Since coming back to Australia from India I have always struggled with crowds - and the big shops with too many choices overwhelm me. I freak out. And the crowds here always seem aggressive in a way I haven't been able to pinpoint. Maybe I have mild agoraphobia.

    I too bought shoes just this weekend past - casual ones so I can keep my sneakers for sports-like things.

  4. The minute I enter a Precinct of Evil such as the one that you describe, I come over all snappy and grumpsville and heaven help anyone who chases after me in an ill-advised attempt to photograph my children in front of a nasty scenic background. I do feel a bit sorry for the inlaws who would probably quite like photographs of grandchildren posed sweetly in front of nasty scenic backgrounds rather than the weirdly cropped real life versions I supply. But it's the principle that counts!

  5. thanks Tracee, will have to check that book out - looks great. i love the title.

    i must admit that the internet has become my shop of choice these days.


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