Saturday, June 5, 2010

{a bountifully cake stall}

another use for those bush lemons
lemon-y yogurt-y cakes
my we have a lot of lemon recipes

the little miss has been on at me for ages
to let her have a cake stall in our front yard

today I thought - why not?

She and the boy did quite well and sold 15 of them
to passersby and our friendly neighbours

And I got to hover in the background and
crochet little hexagon's for a mystery project...

Happy weekending!

Trace xx


  1. Gorgeous! Love a front yard cake stall...

  2. That is so so so wonderful. What a great way to spend a saturday. Good on 'em.

  3. Love helping the littler ones do a project and then work on a project yourself! Crocheted hexies? Tutorial? Wonderful throw idea--and I'd never have the patience for hand pieced ones!!

  4. What a sweet idea! Will they spend their earnings on lollies at the corner store??? I would have! xo

  5. how fantastically gorgeous! what did they do with their earnings?


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