Thursday, June 3, 2010


Friends, I have a confession to make...
Today I went to Ikea and bought something new.

You have to agree to its fabulousness, and should I possess the ability
to photograph my bedroom better, you would see how this lamp
and its partner on the "other side",
perfectly balance the room, and add depth to our
mostly white on white bedroom.

You see I have looked for thrifted lamps, I have,
but they were all so ugly, or not working,
and I feared, I did, that they would be found unsafe.

This is how I have justified it anyway.

I could have just kept my silence and enjoyed them myself,
but I knew you would appreciate them too.
So let us all enjoy this little bit of newness,
before the bountifully house hold goes back to its mismatched and thrifty ways
once more...

Trace xx 


  1. We might just forgive you based on your good taste - it looks great, and you should savour it's shiny newness without feeling too guilty, I think :)

  2. Oh I love thrift, but I have to say, IKEA is another one of my favourite places to shop! that store is wicked cool!

    wicked cool? did I actually just say that on JAne Austen day!

    perhaps I should have said something like,
    " that silver lightmaker is enchantingly beautiful!,,it is quite fashionable and fits right into your charming bedroom ensemble!"

    there, was that better?

    I love your lamp! i have the black one and a similar brushed silver one too!

    have a great and creative day!
    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  3. It seems to fit in well, I think your forgiven. xx

  4. Beautiful lamp and although thrift is good, safety of ones family is even better.

  5. very nice!! I went to ikea yesterday and bought a lamp too!! its to go beside the couch so I can see when Im crafting. I justified it because it is saving my eyesight *grin*


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