Sunday, June 6, 2010

{about a boy-vintage find}

just to clarify
we did not discover the boy in an op shop,
but we did unearth a miniature robe for his room.

the whole fam went out op shopping yesterday
which is rare, as the Mr does not do op shops

but the boy's room needed to be
well boy-if-ied,

you see his room is the last in our house to get painted,
so it remains a light shade of granny pink.

he had no where for his clothes, and had to share 
his sisters high boy.
which is not huge problem, but could not go on for ever.

Anways, this robe is very masculine

inside there are little engraved labels on the drawers:
"trouser rail"
"under ware"

and we made the bunting this morning
the boy and I 
from on old Sydney map book

the boy is indeed pleased
and feeling,
very boy like this morning

more finds over at Sophie's

Trace xx


  1. They're great those mini wardrobes and I love the idea of the maps for bunting...very nice!

  2. i love your boy-robe! my hubby has an antique man-robe and it is just so beautifully crafted with all those little metal plaques labeling where things should go (just incase you forget!) and great that your Mr wen Op shopping! might have to try that one day...

  3. Fantastic wardrobe & I love your clever bunting idea..

  4. I love gentlemen's robes! SO perfect for a boy's room - especially with map bunting!

  5. loveit!
    thanks for visiting my blog, i cant wait to see your burlap buckets!

  6. Nice robe. It looks in good condition too. I like the bunting as well. My girlie is all of 17 years old! The cutesy phase returned once she started reading Frankie (thank goodness she is not a goth!)

  7. yey! a house full of fun and beauty. that chest!!!

  8. ohhh, loveliness all around your place..and that pic, priceless!

  9. what a wonderful story ... and the little boy looks so happy. yay!
    My Flea Market Find

  10. what a perfect robe, love the dark wood. that bunting is very cute, lovely idea : )

  11. as I struggle in this VERY boy home with airplane pictures, Ayrton Senna shrines (well nearly...) Halo figures & the such like...this little bit of boy-wardrobing & bunting gorgeousness is just the ticket!!! Well done on your find...

  12. Looks great- what a productive weekend! xo m.


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