Saturday, May 1, 2010

Potager Update

Out in the garden on this beautiful Brisbane autumn day, which is feeling more like spring?

You may remember my battle with possums and scrub turkeys in the establishment of a little plot of kitchen garden soil to call my own?

Today I think the Mr and I have come up with a solution!
Ok, so it is not the prettiest of solutions.

It is looking a bit better now I have tidied up a bit and weighted the base of the bird shade with some old pots and bricks (light was too bad to take a picture at this point)

The kids think it is a great tent...

Oh, and now I can plant something!  Just a few herbs and a bit of rhubarb...I don't want to get too carried away until I know it is gonna work!

Looking in to my kitchen window..

Have a great long weekend!

Trace xx
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  1. Great work!! We too have a pesky possum devouring our garden. I used to think it was cute...then kinda'm completely over it!! Best of luck with your little "keeper-outer-er" :)

  2. Die possums die!

    I saw a great idea in my new self-sufficient gardener book... to put glass jars or the like upside dowm on the end of the stakes to prevent the net from ripping/getting caught.

  3. you are such a bushy, Jay! You're gonna have all the animal rights people complaining about my blog...:)
    Good idea about the tops of the stakes - I might use some tin cans.

  4. Yeah, sorry about that. I'm all talk... When Dad took me shooting, I couldn't do it - I purposefully aimed at the ground. It was much more my style to rescue the orphaned joey, ducklings and runts!

  5. you know I know you are all heart!

  6. I think this net is a brilliant idea, I would like on for my allotment to keep out the pigeons, rabbits and butterflies.

  7. Awesome job. I get jealous everytime I see your little garden. I'm planning on planting rhubarbs also - soon as I can find seeds.

  8. i am entering a renovation soon and am amazed by the windows in your picture. they look just the treat i'm looking for... inspiring. (thx for stopping by)


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