Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Potager part 3

Some progress on the Potager:
Would have more to show if it wasn't for the possums...
Currently trying to think up some possum proofing solutions before I invest in any more seedlings.

Fortunately, the possies, do not seem to like Rocket, so it is thriving

More work to be done next week - hoping to employ slave labour
my childrens help during the school holidays.

Happy Easter, Jesus has risen, He is alive!
Trace xx

ps for those blog-less readers - how I love to have you come and visit!  I have adjusted my settings so you can now leave comments if you wish xx


  1. Well, at least you have rocket! It's a staple, right? Darn possums.

    He is risen indeed.

    xx G

  2. Oh how frustrating! I assume the only thing you can do is put netting over your plants? Or stick with just rocket? Your garden certainly looks ready to take on alot of yumminess :) My boys just planted some parsnip seeds for me a week ago, but apparently they're hard to grow. We've got some happy beans and lettuce presently, and hopefully our tomatoes will survive the cooler weather of late to give us some fruit. May need a hot-house though!

  3. we have the opposite problem at our house. it is the chooks that get into ours and their favourite is the rocket!! how did you go with the possum proofing?


  4. mmm, still working on keeping out the possies and the new pest, the local scrub turkeys - who dug up my almost ready ginger plants :(
    Most of the options are pretty pricey, will post when I figure something out!


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