Monday, April 5, 2010

pretty in pink

Crochet cardie for the little miss
idea from here
pattern from here
brooch (mine, NOT the little misses) from here

Fabulously quick to make up - about 2-3 evenings
my first crochet garment - I think I am now a fan

Trace xx 


  1. Nice work Trace!
    BTW, I finally got a new sewing machine and am beginning my banked-up sewing projects. Thanks for being such an inspiration for me (ooooh, mushy!)... I pulled out my 'Tracey-stash' and smiled thinking of you :)
    Not going to try crocheting in a hurry though, even though you are trendy and the cardie is lovely!

  2. milk, no sugar ... :D

    I love this cardi! Gorgeous! I think I NEED to make one!

  3. Hey yours turned out so neat!
    Gorgeous work! Isn't it nice to work on a garment that is all in one piece? The newborn cardi I am making at the moment is in three pieces that need to be stitched together and it is such a pain.


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