Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ridiculously easy placemats

I made some stuff today!  Would you like to make a ridiculously easy set of placemats?  I thought you would...

1. Take yourself to Ikea and buy a few meters of pre-hemmed linen/cotton blend fabric.  Return from Ikea with said fabric, plus about 10 other items you never knew you needed.
2. Chop it up into lengths of your choosing.  I did large rectangles, because the smalls are messy enthusiastic eaters.  I think squares would look rather sophisticated though.
3. Now for the easy peasy bit.  Instead of hemming your two chopped sides, simply zig zag stitch leaving about a 1 cm margin.
4. Wash your place mats a few times to encourage fashionable fraying along the sides.  Tell your Crafty Mother that you entirely meant them to look all frayed and it is not at all due to your laziness.
5. Whip up a few napkins following these (hem-less!) instructions to complete your look.

reversible table napkins



  1. You go girl! These are still on my "to-do" list.
    I whipped up something rediculously easy today too... Will have to photograph it and show you.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I always knew there was another reason to return to IKEA xx

  3. Nice work! and Ikea without the smalls would be quite interesting too . melx

  4. That fabric's great, isn't it. So many uses, with hand towels being my favourite.


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