Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I made a new blog header today.  I am pretty chuffed with myself.  Recently I found this blog and was instantly smitten with the header.

Two hours of internet searching later, and worries that I would have to master photo shop to make one myself, I stumbled upon this little how to.  I made myself one in Word, yes, Word!

Do you like it?  I might have a bit more of a fiddle, maybe get rid of the black outline.  Opinions welcome!

This is the background image, sourced from this site.  

Chuffed, seriously.



  1. It looks great! I wonder if you took away the outline if the letters might disappear a bit into the background...I love it as is!

  2. love your new blog header!
    don't you love the things you find on the net.

  3. Love it! I just changed my header too! Yours is very creative. And Word... what a surprise! :)

  4. Very nice header. Stands out. I'd be interested in seeing it without the outline, but it wouldn't have crossed my mind really until you mentioned it.


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