Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Queue

I don't like dot points.  With this blog I have tried to avoid them and make myself write in sentences and paragraphs, just to prove to myself that I am still capable of doing so.  I know a list should probably have dot points, but to me it would not be pretty nor prose like anymore.

So here is my link-y list, sans dot points, my little queue of projects.  No deadlines, no must do's, just things I would really like to make and do this year if I get around to it...

In no particular order:

A Poof Daddy (or maybe two), crocheted.  Picture above from Pickles.
A Milo for The Boy (using the NewZealand wool)
A Zig Zag blanket. I bought this kit.
This Dolly
Painting this road side find like this.
A new potager, in a new location
More cloth napkins for the table, I hate using paper ones.  I like that I will not have to do tiny hems on these ones
We need more table cloths and placemats.  I like the look of these.
The Mr has asked for more cushions.  These look cool.
I would like to paint the kids rooms.  I think white would be a good backdrop for all the colour in their rooms.
Paint the Armoire in the Little Miss's room.  Maybe like this.
The Mr would love if I actually finished The Whitening of the french doors.
I would love a row of standard roses along the front of the house, right under my office/sewing spot.
Sew some clothes for me.  Finish this dress.  And this one.  Make this skirt. These would be fun too.
I think some of these towels would be good for the beach.

I think that out to do it for now.  Have you got yourself on pinterest yet?  I have my queue over there too.



  1. The cloth napkins sewing instructions look easy for someone like me. I will make some cloth napkins from some of the mens shirts I blogged about yesterday.

    I also loved the cushion with the writing. I think I will try to make one some time this year.

    And finally you pushed me to ask for a pininterest account. It's looks like such a fun way to manage your favourites instead of adding every project to my bookmarked area to be lost and forgotten!

  2. Really enjoyed looking at your list Trace! I think you may have inspired me on a few levels... Loving the pouf, but not sure I will tackle it. The napkins are a given at some point I suspect.

  3. Liking this list. A lot. Cannot wait to see the unveiling of the pouf daddy. am already picturing a shot complete with feet with pink or red manicured toes on top. melx


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