Sunday, October 16, 2011

The bountifully family took ourselves off camping over the school holidays.  We have adjusted our view of a good camp over the years.  For us it is pretty much keeping it simple.  Two light weight tents - one for us and one for the smalls.  These are easy to put up and to be honest, what is the point of spending an hour and much arguing discussion on putting up a larger and more complicated one?

We have a large tarp that we string up to make a cover, then it is a table, chairs, cooker and lamp.  That is about it.  Not too long setting up, more time to read/crochet/play.

We took along lots of games: Guess Who, Connect 4, Uno, Battle Ship. No TV and internet to distract us from some family fun.

There was a lovely little creek meters away from our camp spot.  The smalls spent hours of splashy, muddy, rock collecting fun there.  The Mr and I sat in our comfy camp chairs (these are probably the fanciest things we bring) reading and chatting and enjoying the sunshine and quiet.

As it was school holidays we were not alone, of course, but this provides lots of other kids to play with and fellow campers to chat with, which is all part of the camping experience.

I also like to keep the food simple.  First night we had taco's - I came up with the idea of hanging the taco shells over a long stick and toasting them over the fire.  Wood smoked taco shells, yum.  We had the obligatory marshmellows over the camp fire, I am always delighted by the caramalised transformation of the marshmellow when toasted.  Day two was sausages in a bun.  We threaded the buns, which had lost their freshness by this time, onto our taco toasting stick and enjoyed our wood fired bread and sausies.

We came home so refreshed after our two days of simple living. We can't wait to go again.

Trace xx


  1. My husband and I are both ex-army so have pretty much declared that we're 'over' camping... but you make me want to go!

  2. We also keep camping pretty simple. Refreshing, isn't it!

  3. Camping. I love it and I hate it at the same time! It's nice that you've reminded us of the good part of camping - the relaxing and the food :)

  4. Wow... you've *almost* inspired me to go bush with the smalls.


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