Monday, October 3, 2011


 I love your happy morning face,
how you hug and kiss me every day,
how you call out "my mum's here!" at the top of your voice when I pick you up from kindy.

I love mummy and Bock-y Thursdays,
how we have "coffee" together,
how you are so creative with boxes, milk containers and toilet rolls.

I love how you sing Colin song's loudly, even at the shops,
how you love green stuff and cauliflower curry,
how you love animals and feel sad if they are hurt.

I love your sloppy kisses,
how you reach up to grab my hand,
how you still love to curl up in my arms and go to sleep at night.

I love how you giggle uncontrollably when I tickle you,
how you blow raspberries on my cheek,
how you will sit and read and read and read with me.

I love you to bits, my little big boy,
I am so proud to be your mum,
Happy Birthday Bock-y Boy

Mum xxx


  1. Happy Birthday little man! :)

    It goes by so quickly, doesn't it Trace? Enjoy each moment with your little guy, and store up treasured memories. :)
    S xo

  2. He was such a cute baby and toddler. Enjoy all those boy snuggles, mine has become even more snuggly this year. melx

  3. Happy Birthday Lochie!!! Keep giving Mum lots of huggles and joy! Love J

  4. Big birthday wishes for the boy! Five years. Wow. Such a special time.

  5. Hooray for birthday boys! Have a wonderful day. :)

  6. This is such a gorgeous little M hits the BIG 10 in a couple of weeks & he is so excited - I am too, but it is also touched with a tinge of sadness as I realise how much he is growing up & changing - he is always going to be my little boo to me no matter what age!!! TK xx

  7. I do love a good baby photo. Mine are still cuddly at ten and twelve/s although they are a good deal grubbier now! I photograph mine asleep too. They just look up if I wake them, sigh, and roll over.


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