Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I adore poppies.  When I was pregnant with the Little Miss I wanted to call her Poppy, but alas our surname also starts with a P so it was a bit Peter Piper-ish, if you know what I mean.  

A new IGA supermarket opened up across the road from work, which is also close to my home.  My friend calls it the "Magic IGA" - because it is open from 6 am to midnight.  I think it is magic as it is a market style IGA, opened in an old bowling alley.  It has a flower stall with the most delightful blooms.  This is where I found my poppies last week.

The Magic IGA also has the largest gluten free and organic section I have ever seen.  As one trying to eat more natural and less processed foods, I am loving the availability of fresh produce and brands the larger supermarkets do not stock.  Speaking of natural, I am cooking many recipes from 101 Cookbooks.  This is worth a look if you are looking to renovate your diet and cooking regime.  I am thinking of adding one of her cook books to my own sizable collection.

Trace xx


  1. Beautiful poppies. Naming kids is quite a challenge at times. :) Enjoy your "magic IGA" shopping.

  2. They are gorgeous! And what an awesome sounding IGA. Thanks for the link too... I have just bought her book and it is wonderful. Her site looks great too. HOpe all is lovely in your world :) x

  3. They are amazing!!! Not only the poppies are gorgeous, but your photographs is beautiful. They look like paintings!


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