Wednesday, July 20, 2011

colour blocking: bountifully style

colour blocking bountifully style

This is kinda what I am wearing at work today, well minus those awesome YSL pumps...
You know how I hate posting my picture on the blog, perhaps when I finish my new plan, then I will get the courage up.  Details of THE PLAN to come next week.
In the meantime, trying to get the hang of posting from polyvore - sorry for all the edited and deleted posts, hoping this one come through loud and clear.
Hope you are having a good one,

Trace xx


  1. i dont know what polyvore even is? im way behind over here.
    I love green and blue together and its all about the blues and greens today at my place, we must be in sync!

  2. that skirt is amazing!!! so is that green.
    all the women at work would have definitely been checking you out today for your amazing outfit ♥

  3. just so the Mr knows I am NOT wearing a $600 cardigan, this is just a simulation Mr, I am actually wearing my usual op shop suspects at a fraction of the price...


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