Friday, July 29, 2011


Charlie, the newest member of the bountifully household.  Charlie is a chocolate/sable boy cavoodle.  Charlie came home with me last week after The Boy and I fell in love with him at the pet shop.  Bountifully-iers had always sworn that we were big, lets go for a run type dog people.  We also said if we got a dog it would be an outside dog, a dog bought direct from the breeder, perhaps even a pure bred.

But here we are with Charlie and we are smitten.  He is perfect for us, he does not shed hair, he does smell a bit, but nothing a bit of home perfume cannot overcome.  He is happy running about in our yard, or curled up in the lounge room.  The kids can cuddle him and on a cold night in front of the TV he is better than a wheat bag.

How hard it is to photograph a dog!  And I thought the smalls were hard, geez...

Trace xx

p.s. for those interested types, purchase of Charlie was prompted by my recent birthday combined with timely fixing of our side fence...
p.s.s for those even more interested, I turned 36, and am absolutely loving this 30's gig.


  1. Trace your new little puppy Charlie is sooo cute. We had the same feelings about dogs too. Once our side fence went up it was time to get a dog and we bought a Moodle, Molly and the girls just love her and she loves living inside too. She's a year old now and she is so much fun to have around. Enjoy your new addition and happy birthday for this month too:) x

  2. Oh he is gorgeous!! I wouldn't have wanted to leave him behind at the shop either.

  3. Charlie is simply edible...he is that good!!! I have converted from a non-animal liker (never mind lover)to an out & out total dog lover of my 2 beautiful cocker spaniels - Diva, who is a true diva in every sense of the word, and now lalso her lovely mum Vegas, the more ladylike of the 2 (well on even days anyway!!!) My life without them would quite simply not be the same! They make us all smile & feel as if this world is a truly okay place!! TK xx

  4. OMG. That is one seriously cute dog- I can see a movie career already (and I am not even a dog person- the smell gets to me). Happy birthday and enjoy lots of cuddles with your present, bet the kids are over the moon. melx

  5. Seriously cute dog! I know exactly what you mean about a small dog. Ours was a stray, and he fits through the cat flap, is a bit scruffy and is perfect! Great last photo and happy birthday!

  6. Charlie is absolutely adorable! Cute and cuddly and provides unconditional love! What more could you ask for? Enjoy! Happy birthday to you. Tammy

  7. When you fall in love, you fall in love! Who could have resisted Charlie? We'd love a dog but The Cat has vetoed it. We are her slaves.

  8. He is lovely, our moodle Sampson was very much the same. The main sellers for buying him were the fact that he doesn't smell or shed hair! Happy Birthday :)

    Forever Crafting,


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