Tuesday, July 19, 2011

colour blocking

Colour blocking in my inbox this morning.  Will you rescue me from my winter of denim, navy, grey and white?

images via Anthropology.  Look but don't touch my Australian friends.  The shipping for these babies alone will buy you an entire opted wardrobe...

Perhaps you could enter Brenda's giveaway and treat yourself to a little colour blocking splurge?


  1. OH YUM!!! I don't mind a little black and grey - but seriously, the whole winter drab thing drives me nuts. And the further south you live the worse it seems to get.
    Glad to find someone else that is over it too. :)
    Did your parcel from me arrive?
    S&R xo

  2. Totally agree Trace, I am craving colour as well and just having trouble finding it. Love that mustard cardi. melx

  3. I am sitting here in the half-dark, wearing black, nodding furiously (but too cold to put something more colourful on). AND yes, Anthropologie's shipping charges are ruinous!


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