Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Beach Treasure

Back from our winter break at the Whitsunday's in tropical North Queensland.  A week of lovely sunshine, clear waters and plenty of time (and yet, not enough time) to catch up with good friends.

A few treasures from the beach are up on display.  I am putting together a little beach inspired colour post, as I could not stop taking pictures of driftwood, shells, white sand and sun-bleached coral.

This bowl of shells is a work in progress, we keep adding to it with each beach side holiday.  I have filled another jar with the  more tiny shells.

Some new driftwood meant the treasure shelf needed a redo.  I am loving the washed out timber next to the crystal and black wrought iron.

More of that beach colour.  Can you see the hem of my wool jersey maxi dress I made for the holiday?



Back soon with some holiday knitting and beach inspired colour way.

Trace xx


  1. Such gorgeous finds! And I especially love your writing in the sand. Must have been a wonderful trip but also lovely to be home in your own bed...and arranging all those bits of loveliness. Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week :)

  2. Love the final sand shot... especially the gentle footprints at the bottom. Really glad you guys had a restful break. Hi to you all from Mauritius, Kristan. (Oh, and tell the Mr to email me sometime :)

  3. I love the beach in Winter. It's usually quiet, rugged and beautiful. So nice to bring a little piece of it back home. I did a shell display on my blog about a week back too.

  4. Gorgeous Trace! You make me long for the beach. Glad you enjoyed your time away. :)

  5. Welcome back. Glad you got to spend some quality time with the major. He's quite a man.


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