Thursday, July 7, 2011

Creative Space: Slippies

This is the first pair I crochet, and now working on a second in more neutral tones.  I am using up my Bendigo cotton, so I can justify buying some new yarn.

Worked in two strands of 8 ply Bendigo cotton, sorry I have forgotten what the colours are.  Pattern can be found here.  The instructions are excellent, and would make a good project for a beginner.  They are a little rough underfoot, so I am thinking of making some padded insoles to go in them.

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  1. Looking good! Do the buttons go on the inside, or the outside? The blue colour reminds me of BWM Marina I still have some on the hook in that shade.

  2. These are gorgeous- for beginners you say? Might have to have a go- have been very slack on the crochet front lately due to the white paint situation and constantly sick children. melx

  3. Ultra lovely Trace. Suitable for a beginner you say?! I'm really not sure...


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