Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Little old table gifted to me last Christmas is now thoroughly whitened, and re-situated in the dining room.  Will hopefully have a mirror to show you next week.

a little before photo


undercoat: Zinsser 1-2-3 Bullseye (more on this fabulous product in another post)
topcoats: Dulux Aquanamel in Antique White USA

Trace xx


  1. Love it! Sometimes I think I need you to pop over and give my home a makeover! :)

  2. Stunning little side table and practical too. Antique whit USA is our wall colour.

  3. Gorgeous makeover. Really special little table now. Love the cushions underneath!

  4. great makeover. i have two such projects in the shed waiting for time (and dry weather!) so i am keen to know more about that undercoat secret you are talking off. And i love me some Antique White USA - always a winner - xx

  5. Love how the shape of this table really becomes the feature when it is white. Also love artfully displayed pears, aren't they just delish at the moment? melx

  6. I have a similar table, which I use as my desk, but it doesn't have the side rails. So close they could be cousins...

    Nice job.


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