Tuesday, June 14, 2011


it has been a little hectic at the bountifully household over the past few weeks.  The Mr took a well earned day off today, so while the smalls were at school/preschool, we went out for the day.

We started at Dandelion and Driftwood.  Brisbane coffee lovers will well be aware of this fabulous place.  I was alternating between delirious bliss over my coffee (s!) and the adorable decor. Image via Bean Hunter, worth a visit to see more of the interior of this cafe!

We drove home via a favourite op shop, which is a hard place to get the Mr to visit, I tell you.  He managed find himself a shirt though, so he was rather chuffed and I found a bone handled round blade knife to use for cake decorating.

While the Mr was collecting the smalls, I found some time to take some more interiors shots.  Oh look, I spy a finished mirror!  The before shot is over here.

painted mirror

Trace xx


  1. Gorgeous! That mirror is amazing, as is the beautiful loungeroom reflection.
    It is a very good thing to escape childless to a lovely coffee shop :)

  2. Gorgeous shots of your home...i love what youve done with the mirror!

  3. The perfect day and you've gotta love a good mirror. I'm yet to take a decent photo of one, just isn't the same with a reflection of me in it!

  4. now that is the kind of day i would like to have - coffee, opping, decorating and time with hubby! bliss. love the mirror and the view from it (esp those prints - wowee!)

  5. The mirror looks great Trace, I love your sage green lounge and the artwork compliments beautifully. What a treat of a day you have had and much deserved I'm sure. Is that a glorious piece of silky oak furniture I spy? melx

  6. Sounds like my kind of day :)

    Love your mirror...I have one very similar in style that I painted white too :)

  7. beautiful! I sense some white paint in my future, too...

  8. The images of your home look wonderful - when can I move in? ;)
    Is decorating a process that you do over years? Or is what you have been doing over the past couple of months a new make over? Either way - I love it!
    S xxx

  9. thanking you muchly for your comments ladies! I am constantly arranging and rearranging in my home, when I find something I love it comes home and then I work it in or change things around a little. I love that most things in my home have a story. Thanks for your interest!

  10. So much loveliness ... I adore that mirror!!
    I'm a little ashamed to say that I've never been to Dandelion and Driftwood ... it's time I changed that! :)

  11. I love that nothing looks cluttered but still have great character. Lovely. Will have to visit this blog more often to check our your gorgeous pics.

  12. I have that very same suitcase from my mother! Love your arrangements and great photographs!


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