Friday, April 15, 2011

Vintage Sheet Picnic-y Rug

Another completed project, my vintage sheet picnic rug.  Unfortunately rain hampered our recent plans for wine and cheese-ing type picnic-ing with friends, so alas these pictures are just in my backyard. But there is sun, there is a good book, there is a cushion for ones head, so perhaps things are not so bad after all.

The top is made with vintage sheets, and the backing is an old woollen blanket from the oppie.  No quilting, just stitched together, pure and simple.  Easily washed and popped into the back of the car ready for impromptu picnic-ing opportunities...

vintage sheet picnic rug

Trace xx


  1. oh it's just beautiful!! I could just curl up there now with a book and cuppa xx

  2. Pretty! :) I love the idea of using a thifted blanket for the backing - very clever. Hope you get to enjoy lots of lazing on it with a good book or company.
    S xx

  3. It's just perfect! All that beautiful sheeting. I would love to do something similar for our next camping trip.

  4. I like...I like a lot...I could handle some snuggling on such a vintage sheet picnic-y rug thingy right now!! TK xx

  5. Very nice Trace, doesn't the weather just scream picnics right now? Hope you get to stock the hamper and head off for one soon.Melx.

  6. Very pretty.....and useful.....and eco-friendly.......and easy-care!! What more could you ask for?
    Teresa x

  7. I made one of those sort of rugs recently and love it to bits. I too could dig an afternoon in the sun along with Anne.

  8. It looks gorgeous!
    I love that type of fuss free quilt too.
    Happy picnicing.

  9. It looks very inviting! I've been having some vintage sheets for a while too and need to get busy with them!! Thanks for sharing! Happy week!


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