Monday, April 18, 2011


Mmmm, kind of boring title, but here you have them, two new cushions for the bountifully sofa.

new cushions

I painted the ampersand myself, it is a lovely inky navy, cause you know I've got a navy thing going on, don't you?  The other is a vintage doily.  I even learnt how to sew a button hole so I could make the covers removable (mind you, it took the best part of my sewing time to find my machines instruction manual to work out how to use the button foot...)

Thought I could show a little bit of perspective and shoot a picture of my lounge/dining room.  It is hard to photograph interiors, isn't it?  Anyway, despite the not so good light, it was a day when my house was tidy and devoid of small people, so this is probably as good as I am going to get it.

lounge/dining room

My dad and I have bought a paint spray gun and an air compressor.  I am not sure what he wants it for, but I have a certain date with those orange hued timber chairs and some duck egg blue paint...


  1. Yay for new cushions! I've just made one too!

    The ampersand and doilie are so great together. The plain fabric ties them together without them being too matchy matchy. Great idea!

    I am thinking about signing up for the cushion swap at Punky & Me. I think I will! :)

  2. Love the cushions! how clever of you to paint it and you just cant go wrong with doilies! Look forward to seeing your chair makeovers and i love your pendant shades - did you make them?

  3. yes, Melissa i made the drum shades, they are super easy to do!

  4. Sweet! New cushions!!! I have a thing for ampersands, so my eyes were instantly drawn to that one, and then I saw the doily. I think it's gorgeous. I love doilies mounted on fabric items. I have to ask though... was it hard to do? I have a few that I want to takle (mostly to linnen), but have been a little too chicken to take it on yet.

  5. The cushions are so cute and fresh! Love your place, especially that table :)

  6. Nice! You could have a lot of fun with a paint spray gun and an air compressor ... I'm jealous! ;)

  7. I really like your work on those cushions, they are just lovely, TK xx

  8. Love the ampersand cushion, really lovely. x

  9. The chairs, given the duck-egg blue treatment, will look fabulous in there. So many lovely shades out there to choose from too.


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