Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cotton-y Crochet:Trying Again

Many moons ago I was tempted by Tania into purchasing some soft, super smooth Jo Sharp Cotton.  I have fiddled with it, crocheted block colour granny's, then block rows, and even attempted a softy, but I keep coming back to that which originally inspired me.

Tania's blanket is all but completed, and though she groaned about all the end-y bits, and exhorted me to continue with my block colours, her blanket is a thing of beauty.  And I want one.

So I am unraveling and re-rolling, and hooking my way along.  I am joining as I go, and weaving ends in as I go (they will probably pop out again, but lets see how it goes).

I doubt I will have much to show you any time soon.  Perhaps I will alternate between showing you crochet squares and hexagon flowers...

Trace xx


  1. Looking good so far :)
    I love that yarn, and I have been doing a little hookey with it myself. Your colours are lovely. Weaving end in sucks, I'm all for doing it as you go - it seems less tedous that way.

  2. good on you! it looks fabulous trace!


  3. you seem to be well underway now though; oh and the mary poppins look stunning!

  4. It's looking just lovely! I'm thinking of giving crochet another go after a 2 year break.

  5. It's going to be lovely - keep at it! I'm always amazed at how a light border can bring out the other colours.
    Teresa x

  6. Look at you go! Six squares in and you can already tell it will be a Blanket of Amazingness. But shall I track down a therapist for some overdue therapy for me and some pre-emptive therapy for you?

  7. Love your colours, looking lovely so far

  8. Ohhh I love, love, love the colour combo you are using!


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