Monday, April 25, 2011

Long Weekending

I am sad to see the holiday's coming to an end, it has been lovely to have a break from the make the lunches, dress and feed everyone, get the homework and ballet outfit together, get myself organised all before 8.30 am routine - you know how it goes...

Our smalls went for a visit with their grandparents - the Crafty Mother took 4 grandchildren camping (no, I have not sprouted another 2, they are the cousins) on my parents rural property.  Two days and nights sans smalls was just the right amount of time for us all I think. The Mr and I went and saw "My Afternoons with Margueritte", a must see for lovers of french films.

We also had a leisurely trip to the markets for great coffee, fresh produce and flowers.

I spent a good part of a day cooking for the  Mr's annual birthday dinner party.  No photos, just 5 courses, plenty of wine, a souffle that did indeed rise and the cherry tart that did not flambe.  Lots of laughter, good friends and a menu picked from Julia's collection.

When it was time to pick up the smalls, we were all happy to be back together, and spent the afternoon in the garden, pottering around.

A few pictures of what is growing in our yard, and the flourishing potager...

One more day, then back to the routine, which is welcome, until the next holiday!

Trace xx


  1. Sound like a lovely few days! Please tell me what that last flower is. We have one a similar colour about to burst into bloom judging by the buds. It doesn't match any of the other camellia or Azalea foliage and I'm curious as to what exactly it is.

  2. Those fresh flowers do look so pretty. Cute owl too. Is that a passionfruit on the vine? Our passionfruit appears to have withered up in the frost :(

  3. I love seeing photos of your house and garden! You have such wonderful taste. The flowers are beautiful and look perfect on your sideboard with your sweet knick knacks.
    And your potager! No need to tell you about the pangs of jealousy that brings!


  4. Potager is looking lovely, gorgeous Camellia too. Sounds like you did very well with your child free time and sunny weather. I'm still enjoying my last 2 days before back in the work zone again. Melx.

  5. So impressed with the potager. Now that we have some backyard space we are trying to grow stuff, largely unsuccessfully so far, but it's fun nonetheless to get outside with the boys and 'garden'.

    Meanwhile, a risen soufle is a wonderful thing, well done to you :)


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