Friday, February 26, 2010


Oh lucky,lucky me!
Just look what arrived on my doorstep yesterday!


Gifted by the wonderful Mr Bountifully because "you work so hard for us darling"

Needless to say I spent the rest of the evening pouring through the books, mouth watering, keen as punch to get cooking.

Will update as soon as I have something palatable to show! 


  1. I'm thinking I need to work a little harder for my family ;) How lovely!
    Oh, if only we were still neighbours! I'm thinking french cooking pact of some sort... yum yum yum.

  2. WOW!!!!!!!

    I've just watched the DVD tonight! Soooo great.

  3. Hey tracey,
    I just watched that dvd last week. Loved it! I was actually thinking of you when i saw it. Just make sure you don't get too obsessed and try to cook your way through in a year :)
    Nice present though Mr B!


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