Saturday, February 13, 2010

Peek inside our place

Our lounge room was previously home to some very ugly, migraine inducing old fluro's.

They have been binned, and replaced with these drum pendants(which contain non flickering, long life fluro bulbs)



Shades covered by yours truly in Red Birch from these super talented (and ever so nice and helpful) gals.

I am love, love, loving these shades!

While we are taking a look inside, thought I would pop in a few pics of my favorite places at home


Perhaps this slogan is now a little over used, but I like it and now it sits in our entrance way.

Carry on then!

love, Trace xx 


  1. Truly fabulous work on those lamp shades. I must confess to a fair bit of coveting of Ink and Spindle fabrics... you've made a great choice with them.

    I've enjoyed catching up on your last few blog posts. Artisan bread... I want to come live at your house! Particularly now you've done the lights up :-)

  2. Those light shades are so lovely and funky.
    well done you!


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