Thursday, October 14, 2010

Creative Space:in the bag

Birthdays are the thing here at present, and in my  usual fashion, this bag will be arriving late.  In fact, it is still in my house, and I am hoping the birthday girl in question does not mind me showing you her bag today (she has already had a wee sneak peak herself).

The pattern is adapted from the Charming Handbag pattern in this book:
Bend-the-rules Sewing: The Essential Guide to a Whole New Way to Sew
 It was one of the first ever sewing books I purchased, and was indispensible for getting me started with the basics.

 The lovely green floral was from my latest vintage fabric spree at the Crafty Mothers local country oppie.

Speaking of The Crafty One, 'tis her birthday tomorrow, and being a lover of things red (and purple, often together, while hanging out this group), I whipped her up an Amy Butler Swing Bag.  The most fabulous fabric, which still is a favorite, even though I stare up at it each day, is from here.

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  1. ooohh I think those colours are fabulous....hurray for vintage fabric spree's! hehehe....great job..I'm sure your gift will be very much appreciated and put to good use!

    Ciao bella!

    Creative Carmelina

  2. It's wonderful! I'm sure she'll love it :) I'm loving that gorgeous green fabric paired with the gingham - super yummy. Have a great week. Kx

  3. I love the fabric - so vibrant and fresh! Nice design for the bag and style.

  4. Yay!
    Best reward ever for checking blogs whilst at work.
    My birthday bag is done. I'm very excited to see the finished product. I'm sure your crafty mother will love hers too.
    Thanks Trace!

  5. Love the bags! Gorgeous fabrics and designs. They'd be hard for me to part with!

  6. Love the bags - nothing like a practical handmade gift on your birthday!

  7. I love that book! Full of so many great ideas. And thanks for the fabric links as well -- have checked them out and they're awesome. ~ Jen

  8. Loving your bag! Such great fabric choices.
    You're one talented bag lady ;)

  9. Such a beautiful fabric on your green bag, love it!

  10. I really adore the fabulous fabric you've made the first bag from Tracey. What a lucky birthday girl (not to mention the lovely red one, but the green has my eyes popping!)


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