Monday, August 9, 2010

new look

OK, so I have been having a bit of a fiddle with layouts and the like
I have also been adding to my MAKE page, trying to make a better list of all
those fabulous tutorials out there...

I have also ventured into the world of Flickr and have added a link to my Tumblr page, which is where I have been keeping my favourite online images.

(There appears to be a problem with the click through links, apologies while I attempt to sort this out)

For today, here is some fabric I really want (if only it was not new...)

And what I would love to make is one of these:

image via Flickr via imagingermonkey

inspired by Melissa's new addiction...

I am thinking that instead of drooling over new fabric, I should actually cut into some of those vintage sheets of mine!

Off to bed to do a few rows of ripples...

Trace xx


  1. the fabric is so beautiful ... you sure have great taste.

  2. i like the new look. i have always had a bit of a thing for photos of lemons. i remember those from your bush lemon hunting. i like that quilt too! vintage sheets would look great with it. Its been 4 months of blogging and i still havn't got myself a header. must do that sometime.

  3. Ohhh...that fabric is so droolworthy! I would also love to make the quilt you showed. Great find, thanks for sharing!

    I'm also on Tumblr and Flickr, and have started stalking you at those places too! Mwahaha...

  4. I'm loving the new look. I had a revamp recently as well and orange features quite heavily in mine too!
    I try not to look at new fabric too much either - my craft is all about recyled and I love the challenge of thinking of what to make from what I have rather than deciding what to make and buying the materials!

  5. nice new look!
    that fabric is the perfect choice for that project, it will be beautiful!

  6. OOoh Yeah I cant wait to get my little mits on some of that AND love that quilt - Its gorgeous! I think one made from your stash of sheets would look fantastic!

  7. Yes, what a wonderful way to use up your stash of lovely vintage sheets :). Hope you have a lovely Tuesday. x

  8. i say hook into the vintage sheets. when i first looked at the fabric collection i thought it was a beautiful collection of sheets. it would so work. love the quilt

  9. Loving those lemons...
    And I too adore the dream on line, and that quilt top is perfect, oh my! Might be adding that to the list...

  10. Oh, I love the fabric and the quilt! ♥


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