Tuesday, August 10, 2010

When you have pledged to not buy any new fabric for a year...

After yesterday's ogling over Urban Chiks new offering, Dream On,
I remembered that I already had a bit of fabulous Urban Chiks, Sweet,  shoved deep in the recesses of the fabric cupboard.

Now until yesterday I had fabric stashed in 3 or 4 differently places.
Ah, but yesterday in a dash of sudden desire to quilt, 
all my fabrics are now in their own little cupboard
folded neatly and colour coded, I have you know.

I know I am longing for a kaleidoscope,
but what I have is a Moda layer cake, that did not fit said kaleidoscopic dimensions
so I found this pattern at Moda Bake Shop,
adjusted it to suit my love of the scrappy looking quilt
and here you have it!

This one is coming together so quickly,
it will not be long before I am cutting up those vintage sheets and trying my hand at the Kaleidoscope...

I am off to Sydney later this week,
so will catch up on all your happenings next week.

Have a great week, nice creative type people!

Trace xx


  1. Looking gorgeous there Tracey - the quilt that is! (and you too:) I bet you cant stop thinking about that fabric! Have fun in Sydney and see if you can find yourself a kaleido ruler while you are there!

  2. wow, it looks amazing all those fabrics laid out together like you have them. look out kaleidoscope!


  3. That will be one very funky quilt.

    Wow - color coded fabric stash. I'm impressed!


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