Monday, May 31, 2010

My Thrifted Wardrobe

Since starting starting my Challenge of not buying new for a year,
I have been diving deep into my wardrobe, repurposing, mixing things up a bit
and buying "new to me" cloths and shoes from thrift stores.

I love clothes, I love dressing up, I love playing with colours and textiles. I love dressing to flatter my body shape:
I have long been a fan of these gals - blushing now to confess I own 3 of their books...

People always comment on my outfits - sometimes to say they are "interesting" - I will take that as a complement!  Most are suprised when I tell them most of my clothes are thrifted. 

So as this wee blog is dedicated to the bounty of creativity abounding in the everyday,
I thought I would do a little weekly wardrobe spot.
Putting outfits together, showing what can be done with colour, texture and from thrifted finds

Lets see how it goes, hope I don't bore you silly...

I will fiddle around a bit with the photography -
any hints on how to photograph clothing without having to WEAR it yourself in the
picture is much appreciated!

Now, for my first outfit.

I can say this one is entirely thifted. Yeap!
I love the look of boots with dresses - particularly for autumn

I don't wear much pink, but if I do, it is usually with red or navy.
I hardly ever wear black, but I LOVE navy blue and deep purple -
they are the blacks for reddish-blond, pale, freckly people like moi!

What I also love about this outfit is the mix of the velvet jacket with the silkiness of the lycra dress.

When I mix colours, I usually aim for about 3 colours. The last one being a highlight colour. That is where the green jewelry comes in. I have thought of wearing this with my new green shoes too, what do you think?

I know there is already a lot of blog linky things going on out there
Is anyone keen for a thrifted wardrobe link up?
Would love to know what you think!

Trace xx


  1. i love your thrifted gatherings!
    I found a trinny & susanah dress a few weeks back which I bought, haven't worn it yet, looks a bit dressy but will dress it down with a denim jacket me thinks.
    I also find it difficult with photographing clothes, maybe try hanging it on a hanger outside on the fence or on a tree branch.
    i'd love to play future wise, this week I am having a quiet one.
    have a happy week Trace

  2. Great idea! I've been doing a little of that myself since taking on the dottie angel challenge & it's been great fun! I've been pulling out heaps of old clothes I haven't worn for years & mixing them up a bit. I was always a mad shopper, so good to be saving money too!

  3. That outfit looks great! I love dresses with boots too. Enjoy wearing it!

  4. Boots and dresses are awesome, and I love that jacket (I stick to navy where I can too).

  5. Mmmm, dresses and boots. I like the idea of a thrifted wardrobe linky. Hailey, previously of Heidi&Seek and now blogging at Remade in Melbourne has been doing a bit of the same and calling it 'closet gratitude'... check her out here:

  6. Love the look you've got there. I'm hopeless with fashion, wish I could get a bit better at it so I'll be watching what you do.

  7. Love your outfit and am really looking forward to this regular post. Might give me some inspiration.....I lean towards black and grey far too mcuh. xo

  8. I'm doing the challenge too....i think i am in month three...with only one threat to my resolve so wounded black jeans that have formed an unfixable hole int he groin area the day after i signed up....sigh

  9. What a great idea not to buy new for a year! I love your outfit. I just started a new job and need more nice outfits. This inspired me to thrift a little more. Love the boots!!!!

  10. Great outfit! I love that dress. I buy most of my clothes at op-shops. I started when I was in high school as I was into that grunge look (shhh, don't tell anyone!) and just kept shopping their since then. I love not knowing what I will find, but I don't like finding something gorgeous that doesn't fit. :)

    I like this post and I am looking forward to more like it. :)

    PS. I have been looking for a nice pair of thrifted boots of ages and am yet to find any.

  11. In awe of your challenge to yoruself - well done! Love the look of boots & skirts - warm, trendy & functional to boot (no pun intended) I look forward ot seeing more of your inspired husband likes me in plain non-patterned gear, he just can't get his head around my all colours & fabrics bohemain self!!!!

  12. Looks great! I love the boots too and the jacket. The boots remind me of a pair I had a while back they were vintage then, wish I still had them, but I wore them through as I do with all my favourite things.


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