Sunday, May 30, 2010

Vintage Finds

Back from our camping trip - which was just fab and thanks for your well wishes.  

I even managed to complete a granny square or two and stop off at the oppie on the way home.

Oh you got to love a good country op shop!  Here are just some of my finds over the past week:

This beautiful table cloth and cake plate.  I am a sucker for a good cake plate, and I love the little yellow flowers on this one.
The table cloth is destined to be incorporated into some new cushions, as it is just the right thickness

I adore these Scooter shoes - barely worn and a bargain at $7!

Cute granny rug - immediately claimed by the little Miss
also came in hand around the camp fire

and I fell in love with this painting the moment I laid eyes on it

It is a bit shabby chic for most of our house, but does
look just right in the little Misses room.
Fortunately the little miss shares my love of things pastel pink and green and old so 
she loves having the picture in her room.

What have you found lately?
Wander you mouse over here to see more fab finds

Oh and the peg bag apron tutorial is posted now!

Trace xx


  1. I love those shoes and the fabric. Nice finds! I think I need a trip to the country to find your kind of op shop!

  2. Nice crocheted blanket! + shoes!

  3. oh did you so well - love those shoes and what a gorgeous granny rug...don't you love a good country oppie xx

  4. Great finds! I especially love those Scooter heels. I used to buy a pair of gorgeous heels from Scooter at least once a year when I worked in the City and would always peek in there when I was running errands. :)

  5. it looks like you had a great holiday .... in more ways than one.

    My Flea Market Find

  6. those shoes are just gorgeous! Sweet blanky too.

  7. Love the plate, pickings are a bit thin on the ground in my local charity shops at the moment, they all have notices asking for donations. Still it's fun looking at your finds, oh and I enjoyed the peg apron tutorial, it was very clear.

  8. Super great finds! Love the cake plate ( I can never resist one too!) and the blanket and the painting! Oh and fab shoes I just love the colour.

  9. Great that you were able to fit in some thrift store shopping with your holiday. It is always so exciting to go to an oppie that you haven't been to or rarely get too. Lovely goodies!

  10. but that's one plate made exàctly for the table cloth, though. stunning ensemble!

  11. What wonderful finds! Love the shoes, and that painting is brilliant.

  12. Oh wow you've found some beautiful treasures. I love the painting..and those shoes, gorgeous!!

  13. Those shoes are too cute....I can't believe they were only $7. You'll have to put them together with one of you thrifted outfits for next week.

  14. oh my those shoe's are fab i love them very 50's inspired x

  15. I love your vintage finds!! The plate is so pretty and the shoes are gorgeous. I've recently thrifted 2 smock-type tops for about £3.50 each, one was brand new with tags saying £16!! I hope to post about them soon when they are washed and ironed.
    Teresa x

  16. Wow I love those Retro shoes. I remember shoes simular to them! I use to have some pretty pink and white.


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